Thursday, July 10, 2014



It is so important in our lives. I have gone through times when I paid little attention to mine. And at other times I have lingered for hours over little details.

This morning I am thinking about shaving. In particular face shaving.

As I grew up I was surrounded with women who dressed well, smelled nice and looked good. They bought me fine clothes, taught me how to wear them, and taught me good grooming habits from a very young age. Wash (soap and water are cheap), Powder, Spritzed, Slip, Camisole, Underwear, Socks, Shoes Shined-Polished (I don't want to hear that every one likes dirty tennis shoes). Hair Clean and Brushed, Nails Cleaned every day with a brush, soap and water and a file, Teeth, Brush morning and night. AND Lotion all over.

As you can see I grew up with women who took care of themselves. I can remember helping my Grandmother cut hairs that grew out of moles on her face, and shaving the back of her neck so she could pull her hair up. My Mother freckled in the sun, so she wore long sleeves when we went camping, and wore a hat and we have dry skin so we use lotion, a lot !

I watched my Dad shave and wanted to use his electric razor. He would laugh and let me, "maybe when you get really old". Well I guess I am "really old" because I can shave now.

Almost every morning I can take my Bic Silky Touch Razor and shave my chin. I do it dry, think it is a bit like dermabrasion. I run my fingers along my jaw line and there they are, Grandma's mole hairs, almost in the same places I remember cutting them for her. I talk to her and have some memories of good times and shave them off. Back and forth, up and down. Feel my smooth skin and then shave my upper lip!! This is a little tricky, if I get too close it is red, not good and it looks like your great Aunt ?? over from Europe where they don't shave!
I would like to tell you about a girl from Italy who moved to Ogden in 1940 something and went to my elementary school. She was beautiful. I remember her very long curly dark hair, and the sweet tea her Mom had in the fridge for us. She was my first Catholic friend. I attended Mass with her in the Cathedral in Ogden. In 7th grade a few of the girls started shaving their legs. My Mother said I didn't need to and I was too young, she thought it was a little "fast" and did not want me too. This Italian girl wanted to because she was very hairy. I had not paid any attention to that before. "Oh Cheryl You would not notice, that is just how you are, but this is of concern to me. Will you still be my friend if I shave my legs ?" "Of Course". I had not realized that it was a coming of age thing with a lot of girls. She also had pierced ears, but that is another story.
Every week or so I shave my cheeks, yes my cheeks! I have a great East facing window in my bathroom and as I wash my face the light catches the FUZZ !! So I go up and down my cheeks and when I bang my razor on the edge of the sink there is fuzz in the sink ! It also helps keep Elvis's side burns in line !! I have always used a razor between my eyebrows and on their ends. I am not sure if I have uni brow but at this age I do not want to find out.

I see women out and about and I wonder if they just don't care, or if maybe their men like being poked with their  women's stiff hairs sticking out of their chins ?? Can you imagine, I can see them from the next table !! They must not use make up, I can not imagine make up not showing up the FUZZ. Maybe they think that is something you have to put up with like having wet panties. That is another thing we do not have to put up with and we do not need surgery ! I do not have wet panties and my man does not have wet spots on the front of his slacks ! These things are so easily fixed. And rubber bands are not involved !

So don't be afraid to grow up. You can shave your legs, your face and any where else you want too. I remember when the men's swim team shaved their legs in Junior High, Maybe High School, WOW was that fun. Bic lady shavers are cheap and you will be smooooth!!

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