Saturday, September 27, 2014



Today is my 2nd, maybe 3rd day of rain.
This time of year I get Mountain Rain Showers. These showers are famous for sneaking up on you. It can seem like they come out of no where. If you are in the mountains they will roll up over a hill and catch you. In town where I live they can rain like crazy for ten minutes with full sunshine !! Sometimes they put down enough water to set the gutters flowing. Another time the sidewalks hardly get wet.

I have been trapped in side of a restaurant at noon with thunder shaking the dishes on the tables and lightning flashing all around us. Once in the mountains in Colorado the people in the kitchen came out and stood by our table with the waitress and watched. It was raining so hard we could not see across the street. It only lasted 25-30 minutes, thank you, when we left there was 2 inches of water in their parking lot ! It seemed like it went around us in a circle two or three times before it cleared the mountain tops and moved on.

The last two nights the thunder has come in about 4 am. One thing I am noticing today is a big rain drop once in a while. Steady rain, but once in a while, every 10-15 seconds a bigger drop. The rain has been steady for 4 hours today. We need the water but I am afraid it is raising cain with the NHRA Drags out at Rocky Mountain Race Way. Today is their big night.

I took out a wood stove a few years ago. I just stubbed off the metal chimney. I still have the chimney out side and in side I have a plate and a cylinder hanging down about a foot or so from my ceiling and it is closed off. When it rains sometimes I hear it. Today I hear a drop occasionally. It is fall and I wonder about bigger drops. I have had hail this year, so ..... winter is coming.

2 years ago a Wood Pecker thought he would see if there were any bugs in the chimney. That was a hoot ! My neighbor said he had tried his also.

It is always good to be aware.

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